Writing Services

Let me tell you a story…

Storytelling has been an important form of communication for as long as humans have existed. From the first paintings on caves to today’s social media influencers, sharing our stories is a huge part of what makes us human. They’re in our blood, connecting us to people and places from all walks of life.

Sharing your own story in a way that makes people want to connect with you is crucial for a thriving business, product, and presence. But crafting that story isn’t always easy. That’s where I can help.

With nine years of writing experience, I pride myself on my ability to weave an engaging, thought-provoking, and exciting narrative for any circumstance. Feature articles and interviews, newsletters, blog posts, social media, in-depth reports — I’ve done it all. I can take even the most complex of information and make it easily accessible for your audience.

I’m passionate about sharing people’s stories with the world — I’m excited to help you tell yours.

I can tell your story through…

Full-Length Articles & Interviews

Have a topic you need covered for your magazine or newspaper? I’ll conduct the research and write a featured article on the following topics: arts/culture, nature/the outdoors, travel, and history/politics.

Know a musician, business owner or other personality you’d like to feature in an interview? I can conduct the interview and transcribe it, write a full-length narrative, or publish the interview in podcast or video format.

Blog Posts

Do you need blog posts for your website but no time to write them? I’ll conduct the research on your topic and write a standalone blog post or a series of posts.

I mainly cover the following topics: arts/culture, nature/the outdoors, travel, and history/politics. But, I love learning new things and expanding my knowledge; so if you have a different topic you’d like me to write about, I’ll gladly tackle it!

Social Media Marketing & Design

Social media is one of the most important channels for reaching your audience. But sometimes it’s hard to find the time to post thoughtful and frequent content. I’ll write single social media posts or conduct a full-length social media campaign.

I can also design graphics to accompany your posts and create a comprehensive content posting schedule. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can all be covered.

Newsletters & Email Blasts

Marketing materials aren’t just limited to social media; newsletters and email blasts often accompany social media campaigns. I’ll write your newsletters and email blasts for you, expanding your marketing campaign through an engaging story. Experts say you should aim for your newsletters to have a 20% open rate; I’ve written countless newsletters with over a 30% open rate. I can also design infographics, banners, and other graphics to include in your emails.

Copy Editing

Have a report, paper, brochure, or any other document that needs copy editing? I will read your document thoroughly and provide proofreading, line editing, and any other revisions to make sure your document conveys your story clearly and concisely.

I’ve copy edited everything from travel guides to infographics to toolkits to full-length reports.

And more!

In addition to all these services, I’ve also published Spotify biographies, long-form research papers, listicles, and more. I am also experienced with WordPress and website management. Whatever you need, I can write it!

Let’s tell your story together.