Read in The Black River Journal: Performers of Passion, A Mission with Heart

We interrupt our regular seasonal living programming with an exciting announcement: my latest article in The Black River Journal is out now! “Performers of Passion, A Mission with Heart: Opera Magnifico Brings Accessible, High-Quality Opera to the Somerset Hills.”

Originally a passion project, a small production of La Bohème by Stephen Walley and his friends in early 2022 quickly caught spark and exploded into a professional company that is now spreading the bel canto tradition with the Gladstone area, while also providing opportunities to emerging opera artists that they may not have had before. The Opera Magnifico crew has a strong passion for sharing opera that makes their work shine, and their mission of making opera accessible above all else breathes fresh life into the art form.

2 Comments on “Read in The Black River Journal: Performers of Passion, A Mission with Heart

  1. Sara, This is a lovely article very well written. It includes everything that I think the group could want. You convey who they are what their mission is and how excited they are to do this project. I knew of a fellow who very much wanted to study opera and went back to Italy every summer to study But there were just not enough local companies and he was really not going to be able to break into the big time because he just wasn’t on that track but he was still very seriously talented. This would’ve been the perfect outlet for him. Congratulations on continuing with your writing publication . Best, Lisa
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    • Thank you so much Lisa! I’m glad I was able to convey Opera Magnifico’s story so well to readers, they’re really a passionate group with talent. Perhaps if your fellow is still in NJ, he can audition for one of Opera Magnifico’s productions! They’re always open to new talent. 🙂


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