WTDC Marketing Materials

Throughout 2021, I’ve assisted the Washington Township Democratic Committee with designing marketing materials:

To help revamp their marketing materials, I designed a banner for the Washington Township Democratic Committee’s newsletter, Democratic Vistas. To capture their request for a pastoral feel that would unify all people living in the township, regardless of political affiliation, I used an iconic and highly recognizable photo of a fence often seen when driving into Washington Township as the background. I also matched the text colors and font as closely as possible to the Democratic Committee’s logo.

The WTDC holds a food drive for the local food pantry on the second Saturday of every month. To help promote the food drive, I designed a graphic to include in their newsletters and social media. Myself and a WTDC volunteer staged and took the photo used for the graphic’s background, and then I designed the rest in Canva. I came up with multiple color combinations that I shared with the WTDC, and ultimately the WTDC chose the red and blue design.

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