An Update on the Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog — again. Times have changed drastically and quickly since my last post. It honestly feels pretty weird to be writing posts now; to be continuing my travel series from my road trip last year when we can’t travel without risking the health and lives of those around us. To write about anything that isn’t related to the ever-changing state of the world, the global pandemic, the racial injustice and civil rights movement developing in the United States. I honestly wondered if continuing to write on this blog was inappropriate during this time when so much else is at stake in the world.

But then I gave it some more thought. I started this blog as a personal hobby, a way to reconnect with my love for writing and connect with anyone out there who may read my posts and want to hear what I have to share. Now more than ever I feel we could all use an outlet and find ways to virtually connect when we can’t be together in person. It brings me peace of mind to reminisce, to grab my pen and notebook and escape from the world for a short while. It’s therapeutic to share my past adventures in the hope that more adventures will come soon. To continue to share my story and the stories of others. These things excite me for the future.

So I decided to continue writing on this blog when I get the chance. I will be slowly finishing up my Road Trip series, and I also have some other exciting posts planned for the near future. What, you may ask? You’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

To anyone reading this: Continue protecting your health and the health of those you love, continue fighting against racial injustice, continue pushing for change. I’m listening and learning, and I suggest you all do too. When you need to take a short break to breathe, escape and read something light before jumping back into the fight, this blog will be here.


This post originally appeared on the Wix site.

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