Grace Through it All: Drew Anton on Fall from Grace (Pt 2)

In my very first interview with indie-pop musician Drew Anton over a year ago, Drew expressed how music is his way of telling his truth. Drew’s dedication to his truth was evident to me as I listened to his first full-length album, Fall from Grace. I could feel and relate to this honest and moving story as the lyrics and melodies carried me through the album like the waves of the sea. I could feel it in the defiant energy of “I Don’t Care”; in the haunting melody of “You Make It So Easy”; in the tenderness of “Yours Tomorrow (Yours to Keep)”; and in the vulnerability of the title track, “Fall from Grace.” Ultimately it was the final song, “Through It All,” that really drove the message home, as it reflected what we all want most — to live a happy and fulfilling life, knowing we have “loved through it all.”

Last week, I had a Skype call with Drew to discuss the upcoming release of Fall from Grace. Now that the album has been released, Drew returns for Part II of our interview, where we delve deeper into the story behind the album and specific songs as well as talk about the visual elements of the project. You can watch or listen to our interview below!

*Prefer reading the interview? Click here for an interview transcript.

Fall from Grace is available everywhere now. You can follow Drew on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and listen to his music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

This is Part II of a two-part interview. You can watch Part I here.

This article originally appeared on the Wix site.

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