Grace Through it All: Drew Anton on Fall from Grace (Pt 1)

Grace can take on many meanings. For indie-pop musician Drew Anton, grace symbolizes forgiveness, hope, and the risks you take for love. Drew conveys this message in his first full-length album, Fall from Grace, which is bound to carry listeners out to a sea of ambience with its indie-pop melodies. From start to finish, Drew weaves together themes of grace, the soaring heights of love, the depths of betrayal, and the tender fragility of putting together the pieces after the fall.

Last year, I interviewed Drew for my first blog post, highlighting his music and recent creative projects. Now, a little over a year later, Drew returns to the Sincerely SC blog with news of his latest project. I recently had a Skype interview with Drew to discuss Fall from Grace, available for pre-order on Bandcamp now and available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and everywhere August 28. Drew and I discussed the story behind the album, what it’s like working on projects during a global pandemic, and how it’s a powerful thing to give grace to yourself and others. Check out the recording of our interview below!

*Prefer reading the interview? Click here for the interview transcript.

Click here to listen to Part II of this interview, where Drew and I talk more about the message behind Fall from Grace and the visual elements of the project. You can visit Drew on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and listen to his music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

This article originally appeared on the Wix site.

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