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May: A Shift in Energy

May. This might be one of my favorite months. Energy is bursting and flowing in every corner: in the blooming plants, the echoes of birdsong, the rushing river. This is one of the best times of year to stroll through the woods and sit… Continue Reading “May: A Shift in Energy”

April and Spring’s Arrival

Spring is here, and she’s making herself known! Life has been springing up (no pun intended) all around this month, from the plants to the animals to the birds. As I’m writing this, I see a storm rolling in from the western hills from… Continue Reading “April and Spring’s Arrival”

The Beauty of Transition and Change

What We can Learn from the Shift Between Winter and Spring Here we are, already near the end of March. The first day of spring has arrived, and you can feel it in the air, hear it in the birdsong. But what exactly is… Continue Reading “The Beauty of Transition and Change”

February and the Foods of Deep Winter

February. By this month, we’re in deep winter. Normally we would have had several snowstorms by now, but this winter has been disappointingly mild. A reminder that climate change is real and ever-present…but I’m still holding strong to the late-winter feelings and energies, honoring… Continue Reading “February and the Foods of Deep Winter”

On Birds and the Season of Rest

January is a slow month, season-wise. Everything in nature has settled down, entering hibernation or a more gentle routine. Most of the plants are bare. What birds are still around are slowly hopping around in the leaves, looking for fruit or bugs to nibble… Continue Reading “On Birds and the Season of Rest”

Welcoming a new chapter

As I curl up on this winter night with a warm cup of chamomile tea, I find myself itching to blog again. That’s the funny thing about this blog; it ebbs and flows, and while I’m always writing, and articles get published, and life… Continue Reading “Welcoming a new chapter”